Scrip World National Prescription Program

Achieving Healthy Outcomes for Companies and Participants

Scrip World was founded in 1999. Today, it is the prescription benefits manager of choice for companies and employees across the country, with a network that encompasses more than 55,000 retail pharmacies nationwide.

Companies look to Scrip World for prescription plan design and management

Our plans are customized and flexible. They contain innovative strategies to meet corporate objectives. And they include sophisticated plan reporting, online eligibility management, and educational materials to help participants make the most of their prescription benefits.

Participants count on Scrip World for affordable, effective medications

We know that convenience and personal service are important. We offer a vast retail pharmacy network, as well as online mail order service. And we provide straightforward answers to questions about generic medications, drug interactions, herbal supplements, and other topics important to the health and well-being of plan participants.